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Bali Natural

Plant Detox

I’d like to introduce you to a fabulous herbal ally of mine

 Cassia Fistula

Ancient Medicine

Here in Bali, we are blessed to have ancestral wisdom at our fingertips. The Balinese people still remain close to the earth, using the same remedies they’ve used for over 2500 years.

Inner Cleansing
On this day, Cassia remains a revered medicinal fruit, used for detoxification and internal cleansing. With appropriate dosing and preparations, it is mostly used for gentle bowel elimination and detoxification. It will rid the body of parasites, stimulate metabolism, and nourish all organs.
Natural efficiency

It is said to bind, transport and eliminate up to 50-75 times its own volume in toxins! It is rumoured to have the spiritual benefits of bringing our ethereality into harmony and stimulating the sensitization of our natural instincts.

An Incredible recipe for a higher energy in life

  • Outrageous body & life awareness 
  • Expand your mental well-being
  • Improve your skin appearance
  • Inner clarity, subtlety and plenty of space for new things, with which the world can be made more beautiful.

meet my happy customers

Sven Schäffer

incredible magic plant! WOW. i already tried a lot of different (mostly chemical) detox programs to release the toxins out of my body but never ever was the way so smooth & the result so convincing. I feel like new born - new body - new life :) 


the freedom of your non-toxic body

Short implementation time

Gentle implementation through completely natural products without any chemicals.

Activate your self-healing powers feel like reborn

Create clarity, inner subtle and space for new Inspiration.

Bonus E-Book

Effortless Abundance

The Missing Pieces to Living An Abundant Life,Effortlessly

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